Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prachanda and Baburam's whole family in building New Nepal

Prachanda's family
1. Samir Dahal (Under-secretary of PM's office), son of Prachanda's younger brother Narayan Dahal
2. Ganga Dahal (Officer of PM's office), Prachanda's younger daughter (Indian citizen)
3. Gangaram Dahal (un-appointed foreign relations officer), Prachanda's own brother
4. Renu Pathak (CA member), Prachanda's daughter
5. Arjun Pathak (Officer of CA), Prachanda's son-in-law
6. Prakash Dahal (Prime Minister's PA/accountant), Prachanda's son, salary equal to the under-secretary
7. Narayan Dahal (CA member), Prachanda's nephew
8. Thakur Bhatta (Prachanda's brother-in-law)
9. Another son-in-law (contractor of Chitwan Cantonment)

Baburam's relatives
1. Hisila Yami (Tourist Minister), Baburam's wife
2. Taranaj Pandey (PM's adviser), Baburam's nephew
3. Praya Yami (National Planning Commission), Hisila's older sister
4. Timila Yami (Chairperson of Drinking Water Project), Hisila's older sister
5. Chirik Shova (member of Kathmandu Drinking Water), Baburam's older sister
6. Baburam's younger brother (Tariff -fixing Committee), Head of Kathmandu Drinking water.

Enjoy the information. Don't get shocked. New Nepal is being created.. It might be called Switzerland.. near soon


Fort Minor said...

just watch out DD...nobody knows what those pricks gonna do!!lol......

Basanta Gautam said...

Shame on maoists!

BodhRaj Lamsal said...

Oh its really pathetic, Being top most post they are feeding their family only.

Surath Giri said...

thanks for the great info!!
It's pathetic to see this!!!

deepa said...

oh may god......!!

Anonymous said...

Its not a shame do u know its easy to handle everything if people are from same root and also at the same time why people don't deny while they appoint them. I think people wait bad thing to happen so that they can make a blog and post and also may b u may also be qualified and is selected and afterward u r discovered as relative of prachanda or baburam then ur name will also b written in big letter.

Adipti said...

SO Anonymous, you mean to say that we need to hire all the family members in an organization whether he or she is unqualified for the post?

AnOnyMouS said...

haha... nice post... nepali neta haruko pura pariwar nai nayaa nepal vandai aafno bhudi varne kaam gardai6an...