Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prachanda and Baburam's whole family in building New Nepal

Prachanda's family
1. Samir Dahal (Under-secretary of PM's office), son of Prachanda's younger brother Narayan Dahal
2. Ganga Dahal (Officer of PM's office), Prachanda's younger daughter (Indian citizen)
3. Gangaram Dahal (un-appointed foreign relations officer), Prachanda's own brother
4. Renu Pathak (CA member), Prachanda's daughter
5. Arjun Pathak (Officer of CA), Prachanda's son-in-law
6. Prakash Dahal (Prime Minister's PA/accountant), Prachanda's son, salary equal to the under-secretary
7. Narayan Dahal (CA member), Prachanda's nephew
8. Thakur Bhatta (Prachanda's brother-in-law)
9. Another son-in-law (contractor of Chitwan Cantonment)

Baburam's relatives
1. Hisila Yami (Tourist Minister), Baburam's wife
2. Taranaj Pandey (PM's adviser), Baburam's nephew
3. Praya Yami (National Planning Commission), Hisila's older sister
4. Timila Yami (Chairperson of Drinking Water Project), Hisila's older sister
5. Chirik Shova (member of Kathmandu Drinking Water), Baburam's older sister
6. Baburam's younger brother (Tariff -fixing Committee), Head of Kathmandu Drinking water.

Enjoy the information. Don't get shocked. New Nepal is being created.. It might be called Switzerland.. near soon

Monday, January 26, 2009

Electrical Energy Crisis

As we all know that we are having electrical energy crisis in Nepal, and also we can hear announcements through our TV to save energy. In this situation too, we can see most of the street lights on till afternoon. The image below is of Baidhyakhana, Anamnagar, where the lights are always on when there is electricity.

At home we can take care of it but on streets who is going to take care? How are we going to save energy this way?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nepal Electricity Association sucks

NEA has published a new schedule today with an increment in load shedding hours. Do you know how much is it per day? It's 10 hrs per day.. Isn't it a sad news :( Really frustrating for the people to live in Nepal.

I just viewed the NEA site (www.nea.org.np). There is update of the load shedding schedule but when you see that site, there is nothing except the schedule.. Is it a site or just the load shedding notice.. THere is a face of the managing director, I don't think its is personal site.. Everyone who view the site will obviously blame him for the schedule... I think its time for the NEA to change the site or make updates to the site. There is nothing on the site... except the load shedding schedule.. So everyone can guess, what they do for the country and people.

Hey guys, I am wondering if NEA can buy electricity from India or China or not? Isn't it possible? The new government so called Maoist, used to blame the previous government, but what is the change when they are in the government? Have they made any changes..? Load Shedding schedule has increased.. I think this is the change they have made ... Anyways there is none to shout against it.. :(

The conclusion is "With the change of government, things have gone bad to worst"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PM's family trip to United States

As we all know that Prime Minister of Nepal, Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) went to United States for 8 days and returned today . With the PM, all his family members went to US (his son too). Isn't it a dance in chance? In response to media regarding his trip with his son, he said that his son is a computer operator so he went with the team. What a answer? isn't it. I think there is no other computer master in Nepal other than his son. I am wondering if he could send his son with his own expenses and not the country expenses? People are quite unprofessional yet. New PM is following the same track as other politicians before. Anyways, looks like he had a very good trip to US with his family and enjoyed a lot.

Also wondering why he does not use our national men's wear while he is representing our country? Is it because he does not like it and following so called "Republic"? or is it because he want to change Nepal to new Nepal leaving our old traditions?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Google Updated on July

Google generally gets updated in every 3 months and so on. Last time it updated on April and this time on July 25th, 2008. Lots of sites Page Rank might have increased and unfortunately some sites PR might have decreased too.

So this is the time to check PageRank of your sites. :) Get Set Go...

Enter URL:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

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