Monday, April 7, 2008

CSS is superior than tables in Website Designs

CSS is a simple file which controls the visual appearance of a Web page without compromising its structure.
Here are some reasons for the CSS to be superior than tables::
1. Better for SEO
2. Faster Loading
3. Lowered Hosting Cost
4. Redesigns are more efficient
5. Redesigns are less expensive

6. Visual consistency maintained throughout website(s)
7. Accessibility
8. Quick website-wide updates
9. Increased Usability
10. More complex layouts and designs
11. No Spacer gifs


Anonymous said...

Hello Adipti ji, I read the article and I came to know different between CSS and Table. I have to develop one site using fully CSS but I don't understand what thing you we use in CSS I will be very thanks full if you send me for concept about CSS and Table uses and gud and bad point of that use. hope to get mail in

Candice said...

This is great info to know.