Monday, April 21, 2008

WOW! New party "Maoist" won the Election

Wow! New party "Maoist" won the election with a very drastic difference.
In my point of view, there are mainly 3 reasons "Maoist" won the election.

First, they have been telling that they have to win anyhow or they will go back to war. This made people think that they have to give them votes so that they won't go back to jungle as people have already experienced a lot of tragedy during last 10 years and they cannot let it be again. People want peace.

Secondly, As the old politicians had never done good to the country. They were always hurried to fulfill their needs and not the country and citizens. So this has caused people to choose new party. In my point of view, what I think is that people want changes and not the same as before (unstable, violence and war). What people might have thought is, if they give the votes to old parties, Nepal will remain the same as it is now and if they give votes to new parties, the new parties might do something good or something bad but Nepal will change for sure.

We can also see that big politicians have lost in election in Kathmandu. This shows that people are fade up with these old politicians and their thoughts. People want changes and new Nepal.

Thirdly, there can be some miss behaves of Maoists which made people to vote them.

Lets see how these new politicians make New Nepal. Let us hope for New and better Nepal :)



Shoorace said...

Your views are absolutely correct.

Yeah! Lets hope for New Nepal transformed to so called

Adipti said...

Good Memory Shoorace! Ya lets see if Maoist make Nepal as Switzerland.

Adipti said...

I guess its in Ramechap! hehehe

Anonymous said...

I like what you wrote about the elections. Very similar to what happened in Palestine when they voted for Hamas. They weren't really voting for Hamas... they were voting for democracy and against corruption, and Fatah had been more corrupt than Hamas and in power long enough that it was clear that they weren't interested in change. It wasn't the worst. People thought Hamas would bring a new intifada but that didn't happen. The new government also has to relate to the world, the UN, other governments and I think that all of that tempers their actions.

At the same time, in a way it is a part of the process that they whole world is dealing with as one. There is a new spirit of democratization. many people, especially in Asia, speak against democracy but I think what they are really saying no to is western style of corporatocracy... or corporate dominated democracy, which is not democracy.

I appreciate the courage of the Nepali people to vote for change and for something different and despite the complications of the past, the threat of war if they'd lost... despite all of these also anyhow have great hope for Nepal, the people, the new people in government, and for us as humans to figure it all out together somehow.