Monday, May 19, 2008

ADSL For the first time in Nepal

ADSL Broadband Service (Internet Solution) is introduced for the first time in Nepal by Nepal Telecom. Till now the WorldLink Communication had the complete control over the market, but due to this new ADSL service, will it effect the Worldlink communication? I guess yes, But though Worldlink will be effected, internet users over Kathmnandu will be highly benefited by its speed and the cost of service. But let us think on the other part, will the NTC be able to provide support as other ISPs are providing from the installation to the monthly payment collection. Will the NTC be able to do this? Well I don't think so.

I think NTC do not have staffs to look after ADSL department to provide any support before 10am and after 3pm. Their office runs for 5 hrs only for customers. This way we can see that they won't be helpful on holidays at all while other ISPs have 24hrs support everyday. Well I think this is not the employees responsibilities but NTC as a whole. Hope we will have a good support from NTC for the service. Can we totally depend on this service?


Adipti said...

Too Bad Support :( Really Frustrated with this ADSL. I called the support of NTC (ADSL Department) too many times. Either they do not pick up the phone in office hour(10am to 3pm) or they say to call in some other number. After a long try I was able to talk and told them to look after my connection. They told "Its a new service and we are really sorry for your inconvenience.It will be done today" But its a week and they haven't helped to solve the issue. Are they giving us free service? If they have given it for free then it would be a good to say "its a new technology". As Its not a free service, and they have charged for installation too, they cannot make excuse like that. What do you think friends?

keshab said...

Don't subscribe to NTC's ADSL scheme now. It's so problematic.

Adipti said...

Finally I had to go to NTC taking my router to test. After about 2 hours they responded as this router(TPLink) will not work as router for ADSL. I bought a new router and it worked. He was right. But there is another interesting thing in ADSL. The problem is in FTP connection. I guess lots of web developers are facing the same problem with NTC's ADSL. Called them to know the problem but they did not know what the "FTP" is? NTC is running ISP without knowledge of FTP? Isn't it interesting?

Sumit said...

yes i do agree, ftp hasn't worked single time in mine pc using adsl.
It is really sucking

Pushker Chandra Ghimire said...

ADSL of NTC is not a open internet connection. NTC and its staffs are mentally sick. They are trying to limit the access on internet by blocking commercial ports and incoming traffics. This is punishable act by NTC and its staff. I feel like slapping the MD of NTC. If any staff of NTC read this post then please feel pity on yourself. You have done nothing to help the technology and its development. Besides you have created a frustration among new energetic young IT professions by limiting their access to the internet. I feel that's a serious crime. It is just as equal as limiting some from education.

NTC you have really dissapointed us.

Begin Earning Online said...

I didn't know about these problems that exist within NTC's ADSL connection. I was using Wlink's night surfing plan and Wlink is pretty good with their support department. They have also decreased their rate for unlimited access internet and I have upgaraded to 24X7 internet service by paying only rs. 50 more per month in addition to the fees for the night surfing plan. They even compensate for the days when they have problems with internet on their side.

And Wlink will be providing ADSL service soon. So my suggestion would be to wait and subscribe to Wlink's ADSL than NTC's ADSL.

Anonymous said...

I am going to cut the connection from NTC ADSL. Its too frustrating for us.

Chandradev said...

Yes it should be for bettement.

Adipti said...

Finally Got relief of NTC's ADSL. Hope they will improve their service soon.

Anonymous said...

There is software called Anchor Free
hotspot shield, this creates a vpn tunnel so install it .After installing it I am able run ftp in my adsl connection

url for download

NT staff is saying that they are bring Akamai technology which will increase performance ,I hope that they are not bluffing

jaya Nepal

Adipti said...

Thank you. I will try next month if it works...

Sujit said...

Ok Adipti nice work.But i really must say that you guys are really having so much problem than mine.hehe.Its about a month now since i subscribe the ADSL connection and the only problem i got so far is FTP but i have solved it anyway.
I know their service is not upto standards.After all its NTC.Sometime the connection is slow but hai it does happens in other connection also.So i don't want to criticize NTC but would like to appreciate on bringing such cheap connection in Nepal which has opened the eyes of other BASTARD(chorrr) ISPs to cut prices and even their own ADSL connection.

For FTP issue feel free to read my blog:

guragain kancho said...

Solution for ADSL FTP Connection problem:

There is software called Anchor Free Hotspot Shield,
this creates a vpn tunnel so install it.

After installing it, You can be able run ftp in NTC Adsl Connection:

url for download

Its about 3.03 MB file, you can download free and after installing it connect on explorer... and u can carry on using FTP connection...

NT staff is saying that they are bring Akamai technology which will increase performance, I hope that they are not bluffing

Chiranjibi Guragain

Anonymous said...

ADSL is like fucking a whore, sometimes it gives pleasure, satisfaction and most of time its just a waste of money. I don't like the people on support they are fucking damn parasite just suck our money.

Anonymous said...

Its really sad that no one in most NTC branch offices knows what ADSL is and/or how it works. I dont even want to ask about FTP use and port numbers, when they dont know what a DSLAM is when they are standing right next to it. ADSL - Another Dead or Slow Line?

dev said...

Many many thanks to Anonymous and guragain kancho for settling down the FTP problem over NTC ADSL connection through AnchorFree Hotspot shield. And it does not even require the use of SFTP Protocol like the one Sujit used to settle it down (requires the end FTP Server to support this protocol as well). People who still have problems with it would like to go for the web based FTP solutions -, to name a few.

Thanks again for your great advice.

And of course, thanks to adipti for running a relevant blog for all of the web developers out there using NTC ADSL.

Anonymous said...

hey guys,

I have this problem with ADSL connection. The problem is that it works fine in the evening and at night but does not work during the daytime? What the heck is the problem? Do anyone of you know what the problem is?



Ashish said...

ok! this is just too much. I have now decided to sue NTC. Its been over two months since i installed their ADSL, but the thing doesn't work during the daytime. Therefore, I want some more people to join me as i want to show a "common front". We will be taking these SOBs to the court. Please post on this board.

Adipti said...

Hi Ashis, I was also really frustrated with the ADSL NTC service and quit. I am using cable internet of HONS and it is working fine. You may use Cable internet. NTC's ADSL is of no use.

Niraj said...

nice suggestion for NTC ADSL users. thank u.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that NTC is now going to provide public IP and all of the FTP, VPN related problem will be solved
The problem in adsl is caused by its fluctuating ip address

If you browse then every time you refresh your computer your ip will change, if NTC provide public IP soon then there will be no issue of any service not working in ADSL connection

Again the most of the ADSL problem
is due to its proxy so we have to bypass the proxy of NTC
if you are able to bypass proxy for example 'anchorfree' is one of the software ,you can browse ntc connection smoothly
at least it worked in my case

Another problem with ADSL connection is its DNS so you can use open dns in place of NTC DNS

happy NTC ADSL surfing

Anonymous said...

AT last NTC has deployed its Public IP to
ADSL client

So now we are able to browse ftp and all other sites
and all voip stuff


if you having problem with NTC DNS
please use open dns as nameserver

ip of open dns is