Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PM's family trip to United States

As we all know that Prime Minister of Nepal, Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) went to United States for 8 days and returned today . With the PM, all his family members went to US (his son too). Isn't it a dance in chance? In response to media regarding his trip with his son, he said that his son is a computer operator so he went with the team. What a answer? isn't it. I think there is no other computer master in Nepal other than his son. I am wondering if he could send his son with his own expenses and not the country expenses? People are quite unprofessional yet. New PM is following the same track as other politicians before. Anyways, looks like he had a very good trip to US with his family and enjoyed a lot.

Also wondering why he does not use our national men's wear while he is representing our country? Is it because he does not like it and following so called "Republic"? or is it because he want to change Nepal to new Nepal leaving our old traditions?


Niraj said...

its a very useful comment on the PM trip to US , i think , if PM reads the author article then he should also get some more or less lesson from the it.

K'sav said...

i like your words about comred prachanda. i am much concern about his attire.

Basanta Gautam said...

Good point! These Maoists seem to be craps too! They say they fought for 'this' and 'that' but it got boiled down to such NATAKS.

You have also rightly pointed the Maoists' utter disregard for dress code. If they don't like the present national dress, they should start processes to change it formally. But until there is a decision on new dress, they should be wearing the present one.

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pralen said...

Adipti, I love your post. Everything is an art of words and talking!!

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pralen said...

I mean that is the art Prachanda have.

And people can't go against. His son is a computer operator so he could join US trip.. hahaha what a shit!!