Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nepal Electricity Association sucks

NEA has published a new schedule today with an increment in load shedding hours. Do you know how much is it per day? It's 10 hrs per day.. Isn't it a sad news :( Really frustrating for the people to live in Nepal.

I just viewed the NEA site ( There is update of the load shedding schedule but when you see that site, there is nothing except the schedule.. Is it a site or just the load shedding notice.. THere is a face of the managing director, I don't think its is personal site.. Everyone who view the site will obviously blame him for the schedule... I think its time for the NEA to change the site or make updates to the site. There is nothing on the site... except the load shedding schedule.. So everyone can guess, what they do for the country and people.

Hey guys, I am wondering if NEA can buy electricity from India or China or not? Isn't it possible? The new government so called Maoist, used to blame the previous government, but what is the change when they are in the government? Have they made any changes..? Load Shedding schedule has increased.. I think this is the change they have made ... Anyways there is none to shout against it.. :(

The conclusion is "With the change of government, things have gone bad to worst"


Admin said...

What to do?

This is our new nepal, ganatandra nepal. We have to face such problems. We dont have any other options too. Actually we had lots of expectations from new nepal. But..... I think this is the one wat we expected.

Did you check the schedule carefully? The electricity is cutting off more where industrial area is.

Lets see wat will happen in this new nepal. said...

I am not satisfied with you.The buying electricity may be temporaty solution but not permanent. You are also doing nothing but just blaming others. What can you do? Just judge yourself at first.

Adipti said...

Buying electricity may be temporary solution but it is also a solution. For permanent solution we will have to wait more than 5 years so do you mean to stay without electricity until everything is solved?